While EMR manages patient care, patient-physician interactions, nursing staff – patient interactions, PMS systems target the non-medical and financial aspects of hospital management. CAREAXES’s do include significant aspects of PMS, but our PMS is also whole package that includes all aspects of hospital management. Our PMS products are easy to access, adaptable while being user and location friendly.

Key features of CAREAXES PMS

  • Patient demographics: All information about existing patients and new registrations like financial information including payer, guarantor, and employer information is captured in CAREAXES PMS’s Patient demographics. Critical in determining a patient’s eligibility to avail benefits from national and other insurance schemes. When integrated with our systems, the patients can access Patient Portals to update any demographic information by themselves.
  • Appointment Scheduling: CAREAXES’s PMS excellently manages appointments through its hassle-free Appointment Scheduler. The provider’s agendas are fed into the Scheduler to effectively manage appointments and visits especially when integrated with. Any change in the bookings is immediately notified staff and patients are via electronically generated e-mails and reminders.
  • Insurance and claim management: Billings are simplified with CAREAXES PMS with the integration of CPT, ICD codes and Superbill codes to determine patient’s eligibility to avail insurance benefits. As this process is streamlined, it eliminates many hassles of processing claims. Bills and reports are generated on demand. Like demographics and scheduling, Insurance and Claim management is also integrated into CAREAXES’s systems.
  • Enterprise management: This tool administers, manages and monitors managed care, adjudication, premium billing, contracts, reporting, utilization, and business management services. Healthcare organizations can operate more efficiently and profitably by reliably tracking the use of resources to minimize the financial risk associated with fulfilling and negotiating healthcare contracts.