Apply technology next is CAREAXES’s mantra which is why we introduce our Rapid prototyping (RP) services that are customized for healthcare information systems. RP is a system that develops information systems to make a working model quicker than any other method. The difference here is that RP methods prepare a working prototype through which users and developers can learn the functional requirements and develop appropriate system design by interacting with a series of prototypes. Changes can be incorporated and rapidly produced from a starting framework or from an earlier version. This prototype thus evolves into an operational system that serves the exact specifications of an operational system, or it can be used to explore the feasibility of a new idea or design which can be incorporated in a larger system. The benefits of RP over conventional methods of IT development are

  • Increases effective communication.
  • Decreases development time.
  • Decreases costly mistakes.
  • Extend product lifetime by adding necessary features and eliminating redundant features early in the design.