Rota Management System is comprehensive easy-to-use solution for planning, designing and managing customized staff rotas. Achieve optimum staffing levels while ensuring that each team member is being fully utilized. Integration of allotted staff leaves and holidays into the Rota Management System makes this system a powerful human resource tool.

MyDay ensures that your business is not over or under staffed with the efficient utilization of staff that is necessary to the business and its profitability. Employing MyDay Rota Management System by CareAxes is:

  • Cost effective
  • Easy to implement
  • Minimal ongoing costs
  • No hardware or software upgrade required
  • Accurate real time KPI reports
  • Contractual commitment 1 year
  • Free on site software evaluation
  • Less reliance on temporary staff

Each member of the staff will have access to their personal calendar showing details of shifts, annual leave, time owed or owing and training. Requests for shifts and annual leave can be made directly on the calendar. As employees can view Rota from any desktop, laptops, or browser enabled device, the need for printed copies is reduced if not completely eradicated. Rota’s can also be exported and e-mailed or published on a staff intranet.