CAREAXES’s has a plethora of healthcare data management knowledge that gives us an edge when it comes to extending Technical support services to our valued clients. Our 3 tier support is capable of handling issues arising in the application or the functioning of our products.

Level I Support - The help desk is equipped to handle inbound calls and emails about issues and incidents from the users. Our specialist will gather the information and to determine the issue by analyzing the symptoms and figuring out the underlying problem. Technical support specialists will try to troubleshoot the problem by verifying physical layer issues, resolving username and password problems, uninstalling/reinstalling basic software applications, verification of proper hardware and software set up, and assistance with navigating around application menus.

Level II Support – If a problem is not resolved by the helpdesk and continues to persist, it will be moved to the Incident Management team. This team will try to resolve the problem in six steps as follows

  • Incident detection and recording
  • Classification and initial support
  • Investigation and diagnosis
  • Resolution and recovery
  • Incident closure
  • Ownership, monitoring, tracking and communication

Level III Support – If any issue is escalated beyond L2, our Problem Management team will begin to identify the cause of an error in the IT infrastructure that is usually reported as occurrences of related incidents. Resolving a problem means fixing the error that will stop these incidents from occurring in the future. Problem resolution and elimination of root cause often calls for applying a change to the configuration item in the existing IT environment.